yes, we're an online social destination.
yes, you can interact with others via the deep, dark, crazy depths of cyberspace.
yes, it can seem scary; maybe even uncertain.
but, technology is really damn great, and there's a tonne of ways that you and your partner can safeguard yourselves and protect your privacy online.


Here's a simple tip to feel a little more at ease about getting together with people (read: future best friends) you've met online: check-in to your location when you're having a get twogether. This way you'll have a physical record of where you and your partner were (and who you were with) at a specific time; and all of your friends will be able to see it.

User reviews

This allows you and your partner to rate and review couples you've gone on get twogethers with. If you've had a negative, inappropriate or concerning experience while you've been out and about with another couple, we encourage you to utilise this tool to warn fellow users about their unsafe activity. A couple's overall rating appears front and centre on their profile while the reviews they've received can be found exclusively on their profile. This is the perfect way to ensure that other couples are made aware of your negative experience, while working as a screening tool for you and your partner before you plan a get twogether.

Beware of residential addresses

Until you've met your new couple friends a couple of times offline, we suggest you don't organise any get twogethers at a residential address. a beautiful dinner at a local restaurant first, a lazy Friday night-in (complete with takeout and movies) second.

Dabble in public get twogethers

A little uneasy about meeting a couple offline for the first time? Try a public get twogether first; lots of couples like you, a public place, no awkward moments; guaranteed good vibes.

Profile settings

If you're the kind of couple who loves to control exactly who sees what and where, you'll find sweet, sweet solace in your privacy settings. Here you'll be able to manage everything from who can view your comments, likes and activity, to how your personal info is displayed.

Block and report functions

While our team regularly monitors the behaviour of users, you have the ability to block or report any user that you feel is displaying unfair, inappropriate or unsafe activity. These functions can be accessed via the 'Manage friends' tab under Settings, or from the specific user's profile page.

Payment system: PayPal

get twogether uses PayPal as the main payment merchant for your subscription plans. As one of the world’s leading and most trusted third party payment gateways, you can assure that all of your details will be stored safely and securely by that party. The site also has a high end SSL certificate installed to ensure strong data encryption and added security.

Please note: get twogether does not save or remember any of your bank details; all payments are processed via PayPal and not through the get twogether database. For more information about PayPal, follow this link.

If you have any further questions regarding your safety on get twogether, or any privacy issues you would like to bring to light, please head to our contact page and throw us a line.

About Us

get twogether exists to build global friendships through local conversations by allowing our users to share their special experiences with friends. We understand the difficulty faced by couples who desire more friends with similar interests and priorities, but lack the time, knowledge and resources to branch out on their own. So, we've spent countless hours researching, developing and refining our idea to provide couples with an easy-to-use, intuitive platform that allows them to seek out meaningful social relationships with other couples. And well, we think we've nailed it.