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Renee Wardle
February 08, 2017 06:41 am
The majority of couples feel the need to conform to the social norm of “settling down”, buying a house, making it a home, getting married and having children. gettwogether takes a look into the lives of Goats On The Road, a couple named Dariece and Nick, originally from Canada who have been travelling for 8 years. Dariece and Nick, like a lot of couples caught the travel bug on a one week trip to Mexico. 8 short months later, and after selling their car, home and the majority of their belongings, they had booked a flight from Vancouver to Bangkok. Their first trip itinerary looked something like this: Thailand –> Cambodia –> Vietnam –> Laos –> Thailand –> Southern India –> Thailand –> Malaysia –> Borneo –> Brunei –> Malaysia –> Indonesia –> Malaysia —> Singapore —> Sri Lanka –> Northern India –> Thailand –> Canada That’s a LOT of travel! Returning home to Canada didn’t feel much like home at all, and soon after returning they set out for an even longer trip than the first, heading on a longer journey at 16 months. A month before they were due to head home, Dariece realised she just couldn’t see herself returning home to Canada and leading a “normal” life that she once had and that the couple had to find a way to continue their travelling lifestyle, that they would sever ties with their old lifestyle. Within two weeks of looking for opportunities, they had found positions at Shane English School in Yangzhou. They taught there 20 hours a week for 1 year while they got their website up and running and saved enough to go travelling for a further 5 months. Whilst in Uzbekistan, the couple put their profile up on and got a reply from someone in the Carribbean wishing for them to look after their property and dog on in Grenada for 7 months with 1 month off in between. Dariece and Nick decided to make Grenada their “home-base”, taking 6 months out of the year to spend on the island and 6 months to explore the world. Since 2008 they have travelled to 55 destinations, their site contains a treasure trove of information about saving money, minimalism, different cultures across the globe and how to have fun. The couple have decided that 2017 is the year that they will say goodbye to their home base of Grenada and take the year exclusively for destination hopping. Taking their laptops with them and documenting their travels with them as they go. One question with “The Goats On The Road”: GetTwogether: “Has your relationship changed since traveling and if so, how?" Goats On The Road: “Our relationship has definitely changed since we started travelling back in 2008. Not only are we travelling together full time, but we also work together. We are literally with each other 24 hours / day, 7 days a week! And, we love it. We're closer now than when we were living in Canada and I sincerely believe that if you can travel with your spouse, you can do anything together.” Dariece and Nick's’ journey is a testament to the fact that literally anything is possible when you share values with your partner and have a common goal. You can follow their journey at:
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