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Amanda Harper
February 01, 2017 10:59 am
Meeting new people for the first time is completely and utterly nerve wracking *cue heavy breathing and sweaty palms*. Honestly, during the first few initial couple dates you’re likely to find yourself tongue tied and scattered after trying to ask 101 interesting and insightful questions (all in a desperate attempt to find common ground). But first double dates are important – they are our chance to create an initial connection with potential new friends who share the same interests and values as us. A brand new power couple to fuel and energise your own relationship. New buds to kick ass with every weekend #squadgoals Do they know where all the great Sunday brunch spots are? Can they mix a great cocktail? Are they into nude yoga? (Pro tip: if they are that’s a red flag - RUN!!!!) Basically, you need to make sure you’ll be a good fit. Here are five different ways to break the ice and eliminate a bit of anxiety that goes along with your first organised get twogether! 1. Go on a morning hike This is a great way to kick-start your weekend, fill your lungs with fresh air and most importantly introduce yourself to your new best mates! Try picking a local hiking track or route close to your home city within 30 minutes driving distance. Any trail - bush, jungle, desert - whatever you want will do! (Bonus points if the hiking trail is up a mountain or it leads to a waterfall you can swim at!) Getting physical and sweating it out together outdoors will hopefully ease a little bit of pressure and help conversation flow easily. Bond over the beauty of your country or over your mutual hate for the heat - whatever, it doesn't matter, at least you’ve established a connection! At the end of the hike set up a picnic decked out with crackers, several kinds of cheese and a good ol’ bottle of wine to avoid dehydration *wink* Perfecto! 2. Try a new class together Okay, so this may sound a little odd… but to avoid any first double date awkwardness or clichés try a group activity that’s adventurous! You want to get your blood pumping and your legs moving with this one. Find a mutual interest - or a crazy thing you’ve both wanted to try - and go for it! What’s the worst that could happen? You make a fool of yourself? TBH they’ll probably be just as embarrassed so there’s nothing to lose! There are a variety of different classes you can take that will make for a memorable day out e.g. Surfing, stand up paddle boarding, rock climbing, horse riding, zumba, crossfit yoga (yes that’s a thing) and an array of exotic cooking classes. Learning something new together will bring you both valuable life skills and a closer friendship with your new pals. 3. Sign up for a trivia night at a local bar For the couples after something a little more low key (but still off the traditional double date ‘dinner and drinks’ path) try signing up for a trivia night at your local pub. Keep and eye out for themed trivia nights that you share an interest in like Harry Potter, the Simpsons or Disney. This will bring out everyone’s competitive side and help bind you together as a team. Furiously scribbling down answers (or sharing a confused look) whilst laughing over a pint of beer is a great way to start any friendship. This kind of double date will get everyone feeling relaxed and friendly after working together. After the trivia ends try a few rounds of pool and darts to end the night! 4. Rent bikes and go for a cycle around town Whether you're in the city or the countryside, renting a bike is a great way to get outside and explore where you live! On your first get twogether why not try meeting up to rent a city cycle and go for a cruise around town? Cycle through your favourite local farmers markets, quiet parks or rivers to show your new mates around. This is a great way to act as a mini tour guide while bonding with your new pals (not to mention also burn a few calories!) In the afternoon park your bikes and visit a local art galleriy or get a coffee - you deserve it after peddling it out all day! 5. Get a psychic reading This is something totally different - and probably not common on any first dates or couple dates - but definitely worth a try! It’s quirky, it’s mysterious and exactly what you need to break the ice and erase any awkward tension. Take the plunge with your new friends and see what everyone so strongly recommends… get your palms read by a psychic! What a quick and effective way to get to know one another's past, present and future in 60 minutes! #noboundaries Okay but seriously now…. it’s certainly not for everyone so be sure to get the thumbs up from both couples before making an appointment. Couples appointments are available but need to be booked a few days in advance. Well there you have it! 5 extremely cool - and unique - first couple date ideas for your first #gettwogether certain relief both parties. Try any of the above ideas to avoid falling into the boring dinner and drinks routine reserved for boring couples and married people over 40.
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