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Renee wardle
January 21, 2017 12:36 pm
If ever there were a day of the year that we pinned our hopes and dreams on unfairly, it would be New Year's Eve. Truly think about it for a moment. It's one night out of 365 nights. As a collective nation, we decide that this is the night that we will change our personalities and ingrained habits. That this is the night we will have the best night ever. It's a lot of pressure. If you find yourself being one of the few that's managed to have New Year's Eve free of drama, that was undeniably the best New Year's Ever then firstly what did you do (please let us know in the comments, you superstar!) and secondly, you must be more together person than most, a brownie point for you. Whether it's just you and your plus one on the "one night of the year", or if you're joined by a couple of friends, I have some pointers to help make the most anticipated party-night a great one. 1. Figure Out Plans Early Figure out your plans early. This seems like an obvious tip but you'd be surprised about the amount of texts I've received December 29th along the lines of "so New Year's... what's the plan?" Restaurants, as you'll know, are generally booked out a year or so in advance for the evening as a general rule so don't rely on the chance that you have a *killer* smile and charming social skills - you probably still won't get a table for you and your loved one, sorry. Luckily planning ahead removes the stress of running around like Ted and the gang in that one HIMYM episode (you know the one.) If you're with another couple, a great idea is to hold a high-tea style picnic (with adult beverages, it should go without saying.) Picture the scene, you and your loved one, your closest friends on your own claimed patch of the world, adulting it up with some macarons and finger sandwiches. Sounds pretty good right? 2. Be Okay With Change This contradicts my first point in a pretty big way but never fear! Surely you know that you can plan something down to the minute and have it go awry. Albeit a cliched turn of phrase, however, life does throw you curve balls, especially on a night where everyone is trying to expertly craft their evening into an Instagram-friendly square, with everyone reaching towards a similar goal on New Year's Eve (have the most fun of the year, see fireworks, take amazing pictures) it's wise to be comfortable with the idea of flexibility and hitches in your plans. Perhaps you were supposed to meet up with Sarah and Tim (awesome, fake couple I have created for hypothetical scenario.) They can't make it to the other side of town due to traffic on NYE and decide to cancel plans. You and your significant other are disappointed, but instead of staying in and cancelling plans altogether, you might go along with original plans and have that New Year's you had originally intended. Perhaps you do stay in (sans tantrum) and change the evening into a romantic night for two. The point is to not be afraid of change, especially not on a night that is so emotionally charged. It is, after all, just another night of the year like all the others. 3. Drink Less Now I'm not the fun police over here I promise you. Just consider for a moment all of your experiences being out for a night whether it's on a date, at a gig, clubbing or for NYE. Do you recall the stumbling, slurring zombie-like creatures of the night? Vomiting on people's shoes and generally making poor life choices? Now I'm not saying you make a bad drunk. Not even that you drink to get drunk. This is more of a general PSA for moderation and the consideration of your body and general respect for other people. There's a direct correlation between heat and aggression, adding mass amounts of alcohol to Australia's sweltering summer would only serve to ruin the fun. It's not to say that you can't enjoy drinking on New Years or drinking at all, just being mindful is always a good thing and making something else your focus is better. 4. Schedule A Different "Massive Night Out" Hold onto your preconceived ideas here people. Listen very carefully. It's okay to have a different, totally fun "massive night out." I promise it'll be okay. Think about it. Completely on your terms, with your favourite people on a night that will be far less saturated with people and overpriced. Free to go where you want without the make this night count collective mantra playing on a loop in your head. You can hop from place to place without the inevitable NYE foot-traffic and stay out past 2am and be almost guaranteed a taxi home. No matter what you do on December 31st, know that it doesn't define you as a person for the rest of the year and that if it isn't *perfectly curated* it doesn't really matter, you can always set another date. What are your plans this NYE?
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