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ceyda erem
January 21, 2017 12:33 pm
As a self-proclaimed introvert myself, the perfect weekend with your introverted 'other half' can often be described in either one of two ways: a) you both fail to leave the room from fear of physical socialisation or b) you spend hours before an event mentally-prepping yourself about the prospect of interacting with others. If you and your partner often find it difficult to loosen up at social gatherings or events, we’ve devised a checklist that'll help you take the first steps towards transforming into the smooth, suave and entirely non-awkward social butterflies we know you can be. 1. Host a party of your own Now, now, don’t let your jaw drop just yet. Think about the dynamics involved when you host a party. You are in control of its every aspect. The food, activities, music and most importantly, the invite list are entirely up to you. Plus, if you choose to host the event in your own house or apartment, you’ll both automatically feel a wave of comfort, knowing that you’re in a trustworthy and common place. 2. Know your limits Between the two of you, devise a mental cheat sheet before your next event. Ask each other questions and answer honestly. What can you handle? And to what extent? Do we really need to talk to him or her? Also, take the time together to mentally prep and remind each other that you don’t need to be the party sheep in order to have a good time, meaning, do your own thing when it comes to games and conversations; you’ll thank yourself later for standing your ground and not emotionally punishing yourself. 3. Get busy and volunteer together! If either you or your partner starts feeling overwhelmed at the next social gathering, use this feeling as an opportunity to help out as much as you can. Try to not be overbearing though or it all could completely backfire. By helping out with whatever needs doing, you’ll be distracting yourself from your own mind, clearing out any thoughts of doubt or anxiety. 4. Plan conversation starters in advance Okay, this one might sound just as crazy as hosting your own party, but when you think about, knowing what you’d like to talk about is better than standing there in an awkward silence filled with misery. Create a mental (or physical) mind map of topics you and your partner are confident talking about. This could be a popular binge-worthy TV series, a current event in the world or even a funny work story, anything goes. By bringing up these conversation starters, one thing will eventually lead to another and the conversations will be flowing smoothly. 5. The bathroom is your ally Ah, the bathroom, the sweet, sweet sanctuary to many introverts who need that private moment. Deciding on bathroom breaks between you and your partner may be just the relief you two may need throughout the event. Try not to take too many though, otherwise people may get the impression you have the bladder of a toddler. While in the bathroom at your designated time slot, use that short period of time to re-centre, breathe and mentally refresh yourself before stepping out again, or you know, pee. 6. Be the couple that's dressed to impress They say that a killer outfit can lift any mood and spark a level of confidence you never knew existed. If you or your partner has the time, a trip to your favourite store may be exactly what you both need. Practice the correlation between looking and feeling good. Alternatively, you can take the time to raid your cupboard, in search of your already existing favourite outfit. The key is to wear something you’re just as comfortable in as you are confident. 7. Participate in a drinking game When it comes to social gatherings, alcohol can either be your ally or nemesis, depending on how merry you’d like to get. Participating in a drinking game also lets you release a side of you that’s competitive and determined. You can either play with your partner in a team or, if you’re feeling a little daring, play against each other. Obviously, try not to go overboard and pace yourself throughout the night accordingly. 8. Humour each other by playing alter egos This one is a little complex and can be done either with your partner or on your own. There’s no doubt that sometimes it’s just best to fake it til you make it and a social event involving an introverted couple is the perfect example. Although planning and researching are involved, the end result is always worth it. Deciding the plan between your partner can be an enjoyable for the both of you, but if you’re willing to go the extra mile, keep your partner in the dark in terms of what or who your alter ego actually is. That way, it’ll feel like they’re meeting someone new and will be preoccupied with getting to know ‘you’ throughout the night.
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