Amanda Harper
January 21, 2017 12:24 pm
Sometimes during your relationship, life may throw a few little unexpected challenges your way. Just for fun. You know, just to keep you on your toes. You may even be familiar with a famous few e.g; spending Christmas vacation with your in-laws, supporting your partner during their ‘2-week vegan detox’ by giving up wine and of course having to relocate to follow your partner's dream job or passion. To me, the last one doesn’t sound at all excruciatingly difficult nor inconvenient. To me, it’s an adventure. Moving your whole life to the opposite side of the country – or world even, for the extra adventurous – is naturally unsettling, yes, but also life changing. Escaping your comfort zone – aka the safe little world and routine you created with your partner – is the best thing that could ever happen to you. Unfamiliar places, faces, buildings and streets are refreshing. These kinds of things are all exciting. You may even find you were missing out on things you couldn’t imagine living without! In a new city, the possibilities are endless. Boredom is never an option. Adventure is hiding behind every corner. Here are 5 little hacks to help you and your partner kick-start your new lives together, and avoid being stuck inside the house like the scared little coach potatoes we all know you want to be. 1. Find your new Sunday morning brunch spot Every couple has one. And if you don’t, then I’m sorry to tell you this but you’re just not doing your relationship right (harsh but true). *files nails* Sunday mornings are lazy and no couple should be forced into waking up before 10am or frying bacon and eggs for breakfast themselves. Your local go-to café will have you sorted and even supply you with creamy hot coffee while you wipe the sleep from your eyes. Exploring your new neighbourhood to find this hidden gem will be fun. Every weekend, trial as many cafes as you can and test out each menu to make sure you’ve found the one for you. This is not an easy task, but it will all be worth it once you know your suburb like the back of your hand and can effortlessly roll out of bed into your favourite new café! Also, once you’ve found this new café you might even find yourself making friends with the employees, baristas and other regular customers. Yay for new mates! 2. Act like a tourist Okay, I know this one sounds inconceivably lame but it actually has the potential to be anything but. Each city has its own unique, quirky attractions that bring tourists near and far, from all over the nation, directly to its doorstop. So, they must be pretty cool, right? I mean there has to be a reason why people think checking out your new city is worth their while. Try jumping on this bandwagon and joining the sandal-wearing, camera-gripping tourists and get to know the local museums, art galleries, theme parks, restaurants, lakes and popular beaches yourselves. A quick Google search of “must see places in …..” will provide you with a whole list of ideas to smash out every weekend. This is also a great way to learn about the history of your city and immerse yourself in its culture. Broaden your damn horizons - it sure beats sitting at home! 3. Get to know your neighbours I mean, you just moved in next door so it might be a good idea to know who’s around in case of an emergency (like a zombie apocalypse, or if you forget your keys and get locked out, whichever). Instead of inviting them over for dinner, suggest going out to their favourite restaurant or roof top bar! Not only is this a great way to get to know your new neighbours, but it's also a sneaky way of gathering intel on the city's hottest bars and tastiest restaurants (unless of course your neighbours have terrible taste, and in that case I apologise). 4. Continue your hobbies (or find a new one) By maintaining old habits and hobbies you and your partner can employ a small sense of familiarity in a new place, get out of the house and have fun while you're at it. So, if you used to play Basketball once a week try joining your local team to stay involved. Surrounding yourself with similar, like-minded people is re-energising and a great way to develop friendships with new people. Pushing yourself to try something new with your partner, like salsa dancing, volleyball or even pilates will help you to make new friends and ensure you’re out of the house and staying social. 5. Reach out to old friends Although this may sound a bit desperate, I can assure you it certainly isn’t. Over time we tend to lose touch with our friends who move away. Distance makes it hard to keep up with everyone, especially when you and your partner have your own hectic schedule to maintain. Relocating to a new city means you can now reach out to old, long lost friends who you most likely really miss! Not only that, they're also a walking, talking, personal guide filled with a million city secrets! They know everything you need to know because they've just spent several years in that city, putting in the ground work to find the best coffee shops, the cheapest parking and the best salon to get your hair cut at. Getting out of the house and hanging with some old mates who can show you around the new, wild, wonderful city will guarantee you a laugh and a few handy tips that'll make your transition just that little bit easier.
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