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Ceyda Erem
January 21, 2017 12:19 pm
For some, the thought of placing their phone on the table while relaxing on the couch is almost unbearable. Being linked through to every social media aspect available keeps us connected and in touch with the world. However, this often means that those who matter the most receive the short end of our attention span. Here are 5 reasons why you should schedule tech-free time with your partner and how to do it successfully. 1. I’m sorry, what did you say? We all like to think that while we’re scrolling through our phones or responding to emails, we can hear our partners thoroughly. But according to Scientific American, merely anticipating a phone ringing shrinks a person’s cognitive ability by up to 20%. This means that our brains become slightly preoccupied with the mere association or thought of technology. Unfortunately, this practice leaves our partners feeling unappreciated and/or neglected. They may feel that we don’t care or care about something else we’ve deemed more important. In order to combat this, designate at least one hour out of every day to being tech-free with your partner. This can be during any time that suits you both best. Use this time as an opportunity to connect, really listen to each other or to simply ask how their day was. 2. It’s an opportunity to find some Zen There’s no doubt that staying connected all day brings about stress and bad moods, unintentionally impacting your relationship with your partner. While you sometimes can’t escape bringing your work home with you, it is important to remember to have some off time to find some peace and quiet between you and your partner. Leaving any form of technology alone for a short amount of time can give you both an opportunity to de-stress and reconnect. To help get the peace and quiet you both deserve, temporarily switch your phone to airplane mode or ‘do not disturb’, while shutting your laptop and moving it to a space where you can’t see it. This will temporarily remove any distractions or notifications reminding you to work or to tend to business not involving your relationship. 3. It’ll help reinstate your commitment to the relationship Because there’s nothing worse than having your phone in your hand constantly at every moment when you’re with your partner. It can often lead them to feel unimportant and not a priority. Worst-case scenario is that they’ll start to feel that the relationship cannot exist without the use of some sort of technology. In order to compensate for this, take this fault as an opportunity to form new ways of spending time together without the use of technology. This could be taking walks together while leaving your phone at home, reading and swapping books between each other or even cooking together without the assistance of a laptop, or iPad. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you both can agree on doing. 4. It’ll help give you the communication skills you need when negotiating in the future Some say that healthy and consistent communication is one the biggest fundamental pillars needed for a stable and healthy relationship. Allowing ourselves to become swamped with technology can hinder our ability to communicate effectively with our partners. A heavy use of technology builds up invisible walls without our knowledge, restricting our partners from being able to connect with us. To keep this from occurring too often, build a ‘technology free’ zone in any area of your house. This can be your bedroom or any other room where you both tend to spend majority of your time in. You could also try keeping the television remote or laptop/phone charger outside the living room or bedroom for a set amount of time. 5. It’ll help defeat your habit of oversharing Now there’s no harm in posting a loved-up selfie to Facebook every now and again, however some couples do have the tendency to over share, and without realising it, it may end up doing more harm than good. Couples who constantly feel the need to validate their relationship across social media may end up feeling overwhelmed and pressured to reinstate their apparent joy of being in a relationship. Instead of giving into your over sharing tendencies, resist the urge to snap and post and simply enjoy the moment between you and your partner. When you publicise your every move, many people take it as an open opportunity to give their opinion on your relationship, which may lead to causing friction between you and your partner. Embrace the beauty of privacy and your relationship will flourish.
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