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meet your new best friends.

we are get twogether; Australia's newest social destination for couples.
think of it as double dating, without the fooling around. excited? we're excited for you.

the power’s in your hands

with no set activities or members, you can connect and get together with like-minded couples whenever, wherever and however you like. It’s up to you.

you’re awesome. find other couples like you

search based on age, interests, location and more. We’ll help you find couples with the same priorities as you. And if that’s too daunting, our intuitive recommendations will take care of it for you.

we’re not about blind dates

we’re all about avoiding that first-meeting awkwardness. By being able to acquaint yourselves before you get together, you’ll be able to skip the introductions and start chatting like old mates.

your free time organised in minutes

once you’ve found your new best friends, we’ll help you organise your first get together by recommending places and activities suited to your shared interests. We’ll even remind you about it.

no need to break the bank

take advantage of exclusive discounts at a range of outlets in your local area. From food to entertainment, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

unleash your spontaneity

already out and about? Search for public get togethers happening near you and get to know a range of couples, all at once.

come and meet your new friends

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21-day free trial? yes please.

sign up now to get ahead of the pack and score a free trial while you're at it.

have you recently joined the crazy world of parenting and found that you and your friends just don't have the same priorities anymore?

are your friends ready to put their adventurous nature to bed, but you and your partner are only just getting started?

do you and your partner find yourselves in a new city, and while you want to start planting roots, you're just not sure how?

we hear you.

you should be able to share your special experiences with people that really get you.
after all, who really understands couples more than couples themselves? 
no one. that's who. 

curious, but still want to know a bit more?

have a peek at our about us page.
we're pretty cool, promise.

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what others are saying

"Finally! An opportunity to widen our social circle, which has been hard to do since our kids have grown up."

- Sharon & Ian

"This is the perfect way to make friends who understand us and our new priorities!"

- Luke & Sarah

"We're so excited to be able to find friends we both get along with... footy fanatics and pet lovers!"

- Rob & Karen
get customers planning their next get twogether at your outlet.

join us and watch your business become the go-to location for locals.

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About Us

get twogether exists to build global friendships through local conversations by allowing our users to share their special experiences with friends. We understand the difficulty faced by couples who desire more friends with similar interests and priorities, but lack the time, knowledge and resources to branch out on their own. So, we've spent countless hours researching, developing and refining our idea to provide couples with an easy-to-use, intuitive platform that allows them to seek out meaningful social relationships with other couples. And well, we think we've nailed it.